Friday, July 20, 2007


I haven’t posted in a while because I haven’t yet started my next project. I have been getting organized so when I do start, I can stitch without feeling guilty and without much interruption.

My daughter is a drum major her high school band this year. I’ve been an involved band parent for 2 years and I’m on the parent board. I truly enjoy being a part of this organization because it is such a positive influence in the lives of so many kids. She’s had music camp this week, so I’m going to the school every afternoon. This isn’t a problem because I’ve made some wonderful friends among the other parents. I can truly say that because of my involvement in this program, I’m okay with living in Florida now.

My family and I moved from Atlanta in 2001. I was eager for a new start, but that was soon crushed after reality set in. Along with the hurricanes of 2003, I was ready to move with or without my family! But, I’ve overcome that and now enjoy being here. Work has become more a place where I can see people I care about instead of dreading coming to work everyday. Personal life is going great, so what more could a person ask for.

Due to all of these factors, that’s what started me back on my crafts. I’m currently 46 years old and I plan to live it up!

Have a great day and I’ll post soon with my progress on new projects soon!


Name: Vicki said...

Congrats on being happy where you are! Take care and have a day full of happy moments!

DebVA said...

Oh how I miss that "band life". One DD was marching band (clarinet), the other DD was concert band (flute). Great years & freat friends made. Can't wait to see your next project.