Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th and a Linen Finish!

Happy 4th of July! So far today, it's been pretty slow. My husband had to work and my daughter is visiting with a friend. I'm enjoying my time alone, since I really have no choice in the matter.

I finally finished my first linen piece! I'm so excited that I can't wait to start another one. I realize that I'm off on some of the counts, but basically I'm pleased with the final product. I plan to frame it and put in my downstairts bonus room.

My summer has been pretty predictable. Since I started stitching again, I'm letting some things go, but I have to get organized so I can keep up with everything. A stitcher's work is never done!

Hope everyone enjoys their holiday!


Vonna said...

Looks super! Congrats!

Sharon said...

Looks great Cyrstal! Congratulations.

DebVA said...

I started my heart waaay before you & you blew right past me (lol). It looks gorgeous (I'm using the same color pallette). Congrats on your first linen finish. Check out M Design's ornament trees - another great linen project.

Name: Vicki said...

Beautiful finish! You did a great job!